Episode 46: 10 Forms Of Betrayal That Are Just As Painful As Cheating In Relationships

Sexual infidelity is not the only way betrayal poisons our relationships, but it seems to be the one we are most familiar with and fixated on. 


Let’s uncover some of the other forms of betrayal that are just as deadly to our relationships. These forms of betrayal often seem like little things on the surface, and many times we easily dismiss them. Then, one day we wake up and find ourselves wondering, “how did this happen?” And, before long, we find ourselves saying things like, “We’ve changed, we’ve grown apart, and it turns out that we’re just no longer compatible.” 


What we’re really saying is: I don’t TRUST you anymore. 


You must know betrayal is at the heart of every breakup because it destroys the trust we have in our partner. And without trust, our relationships cannot survive or thrive. 

In this episode, we're covering several key topics about the most common forms of betrayal (outside of cheating) that destroy our relationships, including:

  • How half-hearted commitments become an issue. 
  • How lies that are told to maintain the peace slowly destroy the trust we have in our partner.
  • Why disrespecting ourselves by ignoring or refusing to meet our emotional and physical needs is a problem.
  • Why feelings of fairness in relationships are extremely important. 
  • How broken promises are as deadly as lies.

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