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Love In Limbo?

From Break To Breakthrough:

A 60-Day Blueprint to Understanding When They Need Space

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Navigate the complexities of emotional distance with The Love In Limbo 60-Day Roadmap.

Discover hope and healing, and turn the challenges of today into growth for tomorrow. Embark on this transformative journey with us. You're not alone.

The Space Between Us: Turning Separation into a Path for Growth

Navigating a partner's request for space can often leave you in a limbo of emotions—too close, and you risk overwhelming them; too distant, and the emotional divide deepens. This delicate balance is a source of confusion and heartache, placing you at a crucial crossroads between holding on or letting go. Our Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap is specifically designed for those facing the complexities of maintaining connection while honoring the need for space.

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The quest for an answer to 'What do I do when my partner wants space?' ends here. Welcome to your roadmap.

The Roadmap Begins In:

Wondering if the roadmap is right for you?

If you've ever found yourself pondering over these deeply personal and challenging questions, know that you're not alone. The Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap is crafted with you in mind, providing guidance, clarity, and support through every step of your journey.

This Roadmap Is Designed To Help People Like You Wondering...

  • "What does working on myself look like when my spouse is unsure about our future?" Find ways to foster personal growth and self-confidence during uncertain times.

  • "Should I keep fighting for my relationship, or is it time to let go?" Discover strategies to assess your situation with clarity and make decisions that are right for you.

  • "How can I heal from infidelity while still committed to working on my marriage?" Learn paths to healing and rebuilding trust, even when facing ongoing challenges.

  • "How can I motivate my partner to communicate and address our issues during separation?" Explore communication techniques that encourage openness without pressure.

  • "How do I deal with my own anxiety and abandonment issues while giving space?" Learn strategies to manage your emotions and maintain your mental health.

  • "In the throes of separation, how can I move past feelings of failure, desperation, and mistrust?" Embark on a journey of self-discovery that helps you let go of the past and look forward to the future with hope.

Meet Your Guides

Hello! I’m Staci Bartley, joined by my husband, Tom, and our daughter, Brooke—in offering you a heartfelt invitation to our Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap. As an Integrated Couples Specialist, Divorce Mediator, and Relationship Expert, I’ve woven together our personal insights and professional experiences to create a program uniquely tailored for those navigating the complexities of needing space in relationships.


This journey is about embarking on a path of self-discovery and emotional resilience, all from the comfort of your own home. It’s designed to guide you through understanding the need for relationship space and transforming it into a period of personal empowerment.


With the 60-Day Roadmap, you’ll engage in a series of carefully crafted steps leading to a deeper connection with yourself and a clearer vision for your future. It's more than a program—it's an experience, shared with the support of a family who believes in the power of personal growth to change lives.

You're probably thinking...

How do I navigate the space my partner is asking for without making things worse? How can I work on our relationship while we're apart? And what if my partner isn’t as committed to resolving things as I am? These questions hit right at the heart of what many face in times of separation or when navigating the tricky waters of needing space. And they're exactly what we address in the Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap. 

Let me give you a clearer picture. Here’s what you’ll discover when you embark on this journey:

Mastering Emotional Regulation

Learning the power of the pause to maintain emotional neutrality in heated moments.

Navigating Manipulation

Recognizing and reframing manipulative behaviors into more authentic forms of communication.

Understanding Defense Mechanisms

Identifying personal protective behaviors and strategies for healthier responses.

Exploring Boundaries

Creating scenarios to test and strengthen personal boundaries within various contexts.

Effective Communication

Applying a no-fail formula for clear, compassionate conversations that connect hearts and minds.

Expressing Sincere Requests

Learning to articulate desires and needs within relationships without fear of rejection.

Voices of Transformation: Real Stories from the Roadmap

Hear directly from those who have journeyed through the Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap. These audio clips feature candid reflections from past participants who found themselves at a crossroads in their relationships. Discover how they navigated their deepest challenges and emerged with newfound self-awareness and emotional resilience. Each story is a testament to the transformative power of the Roadmap, offering inspiration and hope to those who are contemplating their own paths to personal growth and relationship recovery. Whether you're feeling lost, seeking clarity, or just need a spark of motivation, these voices can guide you towards making that pivotal decision to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and healing. Listen to their experiences and see how embracing the roadmap might change your life, just as it did theirs.

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What You'll Discover Inside The Roadmap:

  1. First: Chart Your Course
    Discover where you stand in your own story before considering 'us.' It's easy to lose ourselves by focusing on our partner's location in the relationship landscape. True navigation begins with identifying your position. You'll reclaim your bearings and prepare to journey forward, rooted in self-awareness.
  2. Second: Emotional Resilience
    Build your emotional muscles. Dive into the art of emotional weightlifting to navigate life's ups and downs with grace. You'll learn strategies to manage anxiety and embrace vulnerability, creating a safe space for you and your partner to grow.
  3. Third: Bridging Silence with Words
    Silence can speak volumes, especially in giving space. These activities and skills focus on refining your communication—expressing feelings and listening deeply. Transform the silence into a rich dialogue of understanding and respect.
  4. Fourth: Creating 'Space with a Plan'
    Conclude your journey by laying the foundation for growth. It's time to forge commitments and agreements that honor both needs for space and togetherness. We'll guide you in designing a 'space with a plan'—a balanced approach to separation that nurtures individual and collective growth.

Why Our Community Recommends Us

Hear from those who have walked this path before and why they passionately recommend the Love In Limbo Roadmap:

"It helped me to realize that I'm not broken. That I do have a big and beautiful heart that is worthy of love and connection. Becoming more aware and in touch with the idea of knowing me is profound for me."


"My communication has improved, but I would say my biggest impact is letting go of my reactions to control my husband. I notice myself using control and manipulation and am able to stop and course correct."


"It helped me come back to myself in ways that I didn’t even know I needed to. The idea of planting my flag has been huge. In fact, I had a rough day the other day and I went back to my notes and journals and reminded myself of who I am and how I want to show up."


"I was able to recognize thinking errors on my own. And then forgive myself for not seeing them sooner. I really feel like I found a piece of me I didn't know I could and saved her. I know that's short and sweet, but it's already having a profound effect on my life."


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you don’t need to be offically separated to find value in the Roadmap. Emotional space and separation can occur while living under the same roof, and this program is specifically designed for those experiencing or contemplating physical or emotional distance in their relationship. If you’re feeling disconnected, questioning your identity within your relationship, or have noticed that the dynamics have changed you in ways you didn’t anticipate, the Roadmap is an invaluable resource. It aims to help you reconnect with yourself and provides essential skills for navigating your current and future relationship challenges effectively.

No, some journeys are best undertaken alone. The Roadmap is designed as a personal journey back to oneself. For it to be truly effective, each participant needs to experience their own emotional space and safety. If you're looking to engage in relationship work together, The Better Love Club is an excellent alternative. Many couples choose to combine both resources: while one person engages in the Roadmap, the other joins The Better Love Club. Later, they switch roles, allowing both partners to benefit from individual and shared growth experiences.

The Roadmap requires no formal prerequisites other than an openness to deeply explore personal emotions and relationship dynamics. This experience is different from typical courses; it’s an interactive journey that requires your active participation. Being open, honest, and vulnerable with yourself and within your community maximizes the transformative impact of the program.

  • Lack of Interest in Self-Exploration: The 30-day Roadmap is centered around deep self-exploration. It guides you through understanding who you are, how you connect with others, and the root of your relationship challenges. If you are not looking to engage in this level of introspection, this program may not align with your needs.

  • Discomfort with Vulnerability: This journey requires a willingness to be vulnerable and to look deeply into your emotional and behavioral patterns. If opening up in this way is challenging for you, you might want to consider starting with the Better Love Club to ease into self-discovery.

  • Contentment with Current Relationships: If you feel fully satisfied with your relationships and do not feel the need for personal or relational growth, the Roadmap may not provide additional value. This program is specifically designed for those who are seeking transformation and deeper connection.

  • Expectation of a Passive Experience: The 30-day Roadmap is an interactive and experiential journey that demands active participation for maximum benefit. It is not suitable for those who prefer a more passive learning experience, such as simply watching videos without engaging in the exercises and community discussions. The more effort you invest, the greater the rewards.

Expect to dedicate about 45 minutes to an hour daily to the Roadmap, roughly the time you might spend watching an episode of your favorite TV show or attending a fitness class. This daily commitment is designed to be both immersive and manageable, ensuring that you can integrate this valuable work into your everyday life without overwhelming your schedule.

The Love In Limbo 30-Day Roadmap is unique in offering daily access to Staci and her team for a full month, providing unparalleled support and guidance. This program is specifically tailored to help individuals navigate and heal from emotional distress in the most effective manner, offering tools and strategies unique to this intensive support system.

Yes, the 30-day Roadmap is especially beneficial if you are currently not in contact with your partner. The program focuses on helping you find your personal bearings and understand your own needs and desires. This foundation will prepare you to navigate your relationship's future more effectively. Additionally, the Roadmap provides guidance and support to help you craft a thoughtful approach to reconnecting with your partner, should you choose to do so. This plan can be an invitation to re-engage when you are ready.

Yes, one of the core outcomes of the Roadmap is developing a personalized plan to navigate through periods of separation or uncertainty. Whether the plan is for individual use or to be shared with a partner, you will receive guidance on the best approaches to initiate and sustain constructive dialogues.

While there are no guarantees, the Love In Limbo Roadmap can significantly enhance your relationship by focusing on personal growth first. The program helps you understand and address your own needs and emotions, which is a crucial step before attempting to resolve relationship issues. By discovering where you stand and what you need, you lay the groundwork for healthier interactions and potential reconciliation.

The most empowering aspect of the Love In Limbo Roadmap is that it focuses on the one person you truly have the power to change: yourself. By deepening your understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and by enhancing your relationship skills, you initiate personal changes that can profoundly impact your interactions and dynamics with others. This self-transformation is not only a gift to yourself but can also positively influence your partner and the overall health of your relationship.

So, What Exactly is the Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap?

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When you embark on the Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap, you're not just signing up for another program. You're enrolling in a transformative journey that holds your hand through each day of space and separation, providing clarity and actionable steps towards a stronger, more connected partnership.

Daily Practices for Self-Discovery and Emotional Resilience

Daily Guided Meditations and Activities: Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted daily meditations and activities. Each day presents a new opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and emotional grounding. From the art of self-regulation to the deep dive into your emotional landscape, these practices are designed to foster a profound understanding of yourself and your place within your relationship.

A Secure, Supportive Community

Peer Support and Shared Growth: Enter a private community where every member has signed a confidentiality agreement, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all. This is a place where you can share freely and learn from others who are facing similar challenges. The power of shared experiences and the comfort of knowing you're not alone can be incredibly healing and empowering.

Live Coaching Calls: A Guiding Light

Interactive Sessions: Gain direct access to Staci, Tom, & Brooke through six live (and recorded, for those who can't attend live) coaching calls. These sessions are your opportunity to dive deeper, seek personalized advice, and interact with your guides and fellow travelers. It's here, in these gatherings, that many find breakthroughs and moments of profound clarity.

Plus: Bonus Resources for Continued Exploration

An Extensive Library of Additional Insights: Beyond the daily practices and live sessions, gain access to a treasure trove of bonus resources. These additional materials offer extended learning, providing you with more tools, strategies, and perspectives to enrich your journey.

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Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap

Embark on a transformative journey to navigate through the uncertainty of relationship space and separation with clarity and purpose.


Worried about missing the live coaching calls? Rest easy. All sessions will be recorded and made available in your portal for convenient access anytime.


The next round of the roadmap begins September 15, 2024.

Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap

Transform Your Relationship Space Into a Pathway for Growth and Reconnection


(Payment plans available.)

Secure your spot in the Love In Limbo: 60-Day Roadmap and gain access to:

  • Expert Insights for Relationship Healing: Turn relationship challenges into growth opportunities. Their guidance lights your way back to connection.
  • Daily Growth Activities: Dive into daily tasks designed for your personal and relational development, each guiding you closer to reconciliation.
  • Community Support: Find solace and strength in a community of peers facing similar challenges. Share, support, and grow together towards unity.
  • Daily Reflections: Use daily check-ins to track and share your journey, a key element in understanding and bridging the emotional gap.
  • Live Coaching Sessions: Offering personalized support and fostering a strong sense of belonging and shared purpose among participants.


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