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5 step strategy workshop

5 Keys To Creating The Love You Long For

I want to share the 5 Keys To Creating the Love You Long For that are at the core of everything we teach. These 5 Keys are the crucial shifts you must make in your belief systems about love before you can truly transform your relationships. When you begin understand these shifts, you're taking your […]

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are you doing this in your relationship

Are you doing this in your relationship

Let me give you a quick tip today that will instantly help you to begin to transform your relationship. This is THE most valuable piece of information I've discovered in all my years of studying relationships, so listen up: Stop living in the illusion of perfection. Here's what I mean: We all talk about wanting […]

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but how do i do it

But How Do I Do It?

By now, you've seen me talk a lot about how it is important that you stop living in the illusion of perfection. At first, you probably wondered whether that was even possible. Now you're starting to understand... In my work with my clients, ALL of my students have realized that this step is the most […]

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should i stay or go

Should I stay or go?

When my clients finally come in to see me, they are in panic mode and they ask me: "Staci, should I stay in my relationship or get the heck out of dodge?" My honest response:I can't give you this answer, because it is an answer that is within you, not me. What I DO know […]

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5 ways working with me is different

5 Ways Working With Me Is Different

We are all bombarded with advice, books, and relationship tips every day. Especially when we're struggling. It seems to be all we see. It can be hard to know which book to read, which person to listen to, or which expert to work with. How do you wade through all the information coming your way […]

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frustrated that its not easier

Frustrated that it's not easier?

Have you been wondering why when you're reading all the books, watching workshops, and trying new strategies that fixing your relationship isn't...easier? I think there is a pretty common misconception about love and relationships that if you're working really hard and if you just love your partner that everything in your relationship should be perfect […]

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the secret to relationship help

The Secret to Relationship Health

Today, we're going to talk about how to reignite the excitement in your relationship. It's probably been a while since you felt it. Remember how you felt when you and your partner first came together? You moved mountains to spend time with one another, you couldn't wait to talk to each other on the phone...just […]

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how hard

How are you showing up?

I saw this quote today and felt the need to share it with you... "If you don't take ACTION and make adjustments necessary mentally, physically, and emotionally; your 2020 will look exactly the same as your 2019." - Lewis Howes If you are wanting to make this new year and the beginning of this new decade […]

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This IS hard.

Let me be 100% honest with you. Learning the tools and skills necessary to fix your relationship is HARD. Any relationship coach or marriage counselor who tells you working with them will make it easy is lying to you.  Here's something a client posted in the comments section of one of my Facebook posts. This […]

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you wont have to worry

You won't have to worry...

Just got off a call with a potential client. She had invested A LOT of money in counseling sessions to fix her relationship issues, and kept having the same problems.  She'd find herself in the middle of unpacking some serious emotions and then her session would end... or she'd get into an argument with her husband […]

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