Episode 38: Relationship Question: Do you feel free to show up as your authentic self?

Do you ever feel like you're in prison inside of your committed relationship? This is a super common feeling that I hear all the time from my private clients and see collectively in our population. 


This feeling is so prevalent, that as a society we have come to question whether committing to a significant other is worth it at all. After all, if we avoid serious relationships, we can avoid feeling foolish, skip rejection, and pretend we never really cared if things don't work out. 


Because let’s be honest, going all-in emotionally can be a terrifying experience that brings up so much fear. And equally terrifying is being all-in and realizing you feel dead inside and the thrill is gone. But you promised to love your partner forever, so what do you do now?


If you’re in this space, you ache to feel free again while feeling yourself slip away from who you thought you were. You probably notice the desire to pursue what you truly want dripping out of every pore. But instead, the only thing that fills you is the huge doubt about whether you will ever be able to really feel alive again.


How can we feel the freedom to show up as our authentic selves when it comes to love?


It’s time to talk about these two emotional experiences that so many of us grapple with. Either avoiding commitment completely or opting in and finding yourself a shell of who you used to be. I mean which one is more loving and valid? Is it ok for us to do either of them? 


Join Tom and Staci inside the love shack this week, where together they will share not only how they found the personal freedom needed to get all-in, but also how they found the way out of their own personal prisons, and how you can too.

In this episode, we're covering several key topics about how to actually feel free to show up as your true self when it comes to love, including:

  • How do you know when to go all-in in relationships?
  • Tips and tricks for how to get unstuck when you’re too far in.
  • Staci’s personal story of going from her personal prison to freedom, and finally getting to a place to freely love.
  • Exactly how to feel free to show up as you in your relationships.

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