Episode 36: Eight Epic Ways To Actually Maintain A Healthy Relationship (Part One)

Everyone wants to make sure their relationship is running as smoothly as possible, but there are so many tips and tricks out there. How are you supposed to know what advice you should be following? How do you know if your relationship is healthy or not? And, is there an exact formula to maintain a healthy relationship?


Throughout the last decade while coaching hundreds of couples and singles, and I’ve been able to identify what I call the “8 Superpowers for Toe Tingling Relationships.” These are the most critical areas that you need to give your attention to make sure your relationship is not only healthy but happy too.


In this two-part podcast series, I’m going to share with you these eight epic ways you can actually build and maintain the healthiest relationship possible. 

In this episode, we're covering several key topics about how to actually maintain a healthy relationship, including:

  • Why it’s imperative that you continue to get to know yourself again and again. 
  • What our internal movie is, and how it affects the way you show up in your relationship.
  • How to stop pretending you are someone that you’re not.
  • Why you need to add some emotional weightlifting to your gym routine. 
  • How to turn and face your pain, so that you can finally move through it instead of running around in circles.

We’re talking about all of this in the Love Shack this week. Join us! 


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