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Have you ever noticed when we talk about our relationships, we tend to only discuss the problems? We never bring up the good stuff, let alone the FUN STUFF!

Not anymore! Here in the Love Shack, we have had it with that BS. It's time for us to remember that the relationships we have with ourselves and others can actually be fun!

The reality is, we MUST start temporarily putting our problems on the shelf and creating some fun in our relationships.

Because waiting to have fun until all the problems are solved is only going to cause you to run out of steam and feel like everything sucks. (Which I'm sure you've already experienced many times.)

So to help us all to bring back this necessary experience into our lives, Tom and I have created the Fun List!

What is it? And how is it fun?

When you are on the Fun List, you will be inspired with FUN Ideas, cool stuff, and best of will entered into monthly giveaways!


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