Giving Gifts From The Heart

Giving gifts from the heart with Sherry Belul

Show Description:

As the song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” If you are like me, you’re doing your best to sing along as you try to get into the spirit of the holidays. But, this year has a much more sobering feel to it doesn't it? We've faced some pretty big stuff this year. I mean it really doesn't get more REAL than confronting the reality that life and love can be taken from us, right? So, it seemed like the perfect time to invite my dear friend Sherry Belul, author of “Say It Now” to join us this week inside the Love Shack, on KKNW 1150, Thursday, December 10th at 1pm PT. Sherry will be sharing gift ideas we can give from our hearts this season. Tune in for some fresh ideas about how to let those around us know how much they mean to us. Join us for some feel good inspiration and unique ideas to say it now. I mean after all, if not now when?

Links mentioned in show:

    1. Create your own Love List here.
    2. Purchase Sherry's book Say It Now here. 
    3. Fairy Dust - the #1 thing I teach my VIP clients to stop arguments in their tracks.
    4. Relationship Check-up - tired of re-hashing your issues with your partner without making progress? Schedule your check-up today!
    5. The song we played at the end of the show was Tori Kelly's Gift That Keeps On Giving. You can listen here.