#173: When They Say 'I Need Space': Your Roadmap Through Relationship Gaps (Part 1)


Feeling the emotional tug-of-war when your partner whispers, "I need some space"? It's like walking a tightrope between giving them room and fearing the growing silence might become a chasm too wide to cross. Welcome to Love Shack Live, the sanctuary for those standing at love's crossroads, where daily challenges and emotional distances put to test the bonds we cherish most. If you're seeking a path back to a connection that's not just enduring but heartfelt and genuine, you've found your guide.


In today's episode, we unravel the roadmap for those yearning to bridge the silent gaps in their relationships. I'm Staci Bartley, flanked by my co-host and partner, Tom, and our insightful daughter, Brooke. Together, we're navigating the complex waters of love—armed with personal and professional insights—to steer you back to the shores of connection.

Separation Support Bundle

Want to stop feeling terrified about what your partner’s request for space means? Not sure where to begin?

But how do we transform the daunting request for space into a bridge that draws us closer? This conversation is your compass. Delving into the Love and Limbo 30-Day Roadmap, we share strategies beyond survival—aiming for a flourishing love life amidst separation. Over the next 30 days, we promise not mere quick fixes, but a profound journey of introspection, emotional fortitude, and step-by-step guidance towards rejuvenating your relationship.


Embark on this journey with us as we dissect the essence of giving space—turning it from a harbinger of distance into a catalyst for deeper intimacy. From the crucial initial step of rediscovering your individuality to mastering the art of emotional weightlifting and navigating the most challenging conversations, we've got you covered. If the silent spaces between you and your partner echo with questions of connection and future, stay tuned.


Let's redefine the narrative of separation, proving that sometimes, a little distance is all it takes to come back even closer. Join us on this transformative adventure in Love Shack Live, where every step taken apart is a leap towards coming together, stronger and more connected than ever.


Prepare to turn the page on relationship gaps—where the end of each chapter is just the beginning of a deeper bond.

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