Episode 34: Love Hurts: How To Use Physical Pain To Navigate Your Emotional Pain

Have you ever wondered why love and relationships can be so challenging and hurt so much? How are we supposed to understand WHY the people we love most do what they do? Heck, I’m sure you’ve questioned why you’ve done certain things to yourself. (Myself included!)


I can almost guarantee we’ve almost never been given the whole story, so when the emotional pain we feel inside our bodies begins to really get our attention, we typically only know to do one thing to manage it…RUN!


This week inside the Love Shack, we have special guest Sakura Sutter. Sakura is a master esthetician, spiritual hypnotherapist, reiki master, intuitive medium, and radio host. She has been working in the cosmetic industry for 20 years and has combined her mind and energy modalities with skincare in her hybrid practice called Sakura Skin & Mind. By assisting them with overcoming trauma patterns and phobias, releasing emotional blockages, and even connecting with lost loved ones, Sakura helps people to love what’s on the inside so that they can love what’s on the outside or their skin.


A few years ago, Sakura was on the brink of death with a rare autoimmune disorder, which forced her into healing herself, especially the part of her she didn’t understand and had suppressed for so long for fear of being different. Sakura had to learn to love herself again. 


After successfully healing, not only did all of her gifts open up again, but also she started her radio show, “Love From The Hyp” in hopes of not only sharing her own personal story to lend support to others suffering from any physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailment, but also to provide a place where people could go who felt alone. She strives to gather resources, research, and recommendations that others may resonate with and bring into their own healing journey. Sakura has made it her mission in life to help others to heal and love themselves again.

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In this episode, we're covering several key topics about how to use physical pain to navigate your emotional pain, including:

  • Sakura’s journey of embracing her physical pain, which led her to understand her emotional pain.
  • What are emotions for and how do we manage them? 
  • Are emotions really necessary? What happens if we just ignore them?
  • Why does navigating your emotional pain feel so scary?

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