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Are you tired of struggling in your marriage and have absolutely no idea what to do to fix it? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything (including couples counseling) and nothing has helped you to solve your issues? It sounds like you’re ready for a Marriage Check-Up.

Marriage Check-Ups (marriage coaching) are an alternative to marriage counseling. Instead of focusing on your past, I want you to focus on your future. What are you and your spouse are looking to create?

What does a Marriage Check-Up session entail?


During your session I will help you: 

• Understand why and where you and your partner are struggling;

•Realize what has been missing in your marriage that has created your current challenges;

• Allow you to see your ability to begin a “do-over.”

• Get you to finally head in the direction you desire with new insights and easy to implement skills;

• Remove the guessing games and help you finally KNOW what you 
need to do for yourself and your marriage to take your next best steps;

• Learn how you can play your way to deeper love and romance.

• Experience hope and peace once again.

Are you ready to stop struggling?

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