Cheers to Mothers of Every Kind on this Mother's Day

On this episode of the Love Shack, we’re toasting to all mothers of the world. We’re honoring mothers who are grieving the loss of children, people who have difficult relationships with their moms, women who are struggling to become mothers, people who have lost their mothers, women who have chosen not to be mothers, moms with strained child relationships, stepmoms, foster mothers, single-parent moms, and furbaby moms. 

This week we are excited to celebrate all the women, young and old, who give new life and nurturing to others. Because if we couldn’t experience this creation of NEW, or have the ability to support it to its full expression, none of us would be here to enjoy this earthly experience.

Join us as we listen in to several men and women share their thoughts about moms, and the life-giving efforts of contributions both large and small.  

After all, contributions from women don’t only come from the bearing of children. And, moms who have the ability to have and contribute value to their children make a substantial contribution too. Both are necessary and make the world a better place while we are here.

Regardless of whether your relationship with your own mother is incredible or mediocre, join us for a new and different discussion on what motherhood is all about.

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