5 Expert Ways To Move Past Manipulation In Your Relationship

What if I told you that we are all manipulators?

Typically, when the word manipulation comes up, we grab our chests and go, “Oh, I don't do that.” But the reality is: we all do it. Now that we have that truth out of the way…

We have all been taught the skills that have allowed us to master the art of manipulation. Because as we grew into adulthood, we learned that it was actually inappropriate for us to truly speak our thoughts and feelings.

Do you relate to any of these?

  • “Hey, don't feel that way.”
  • “You can't think that.”
  • “That's not OK. That's inappropriate.”

Manipulation is a huge part of what we have been taught to do as a society when we're not quite sure how to talk about certain topics. It's in everything. From our social structure to our political system to our legal system. Right down to the microcosm of society: our families and our relationships, not only with others but with ourselves.

Join Tom & me this week in the Love Shack where we will share five expert ways to move past manipulation in your relationships.

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In this episode, we're covering several key topics to help you move past manipulation in your relationships. So you can see when it’s happening to you, and also so you can catch yourself doing it to others, including:

  • What exactly is manipulation?
  • How manipulation starts fights and causes disharmony and conflict.
  • Why manipulation is at the root of all your problems in relationships.
  • How to prevent people from taking advantage of you and how to pivot when you notice yourself using manipulation on others.

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