Love In Limbo

Navigating Your Partner's Need for Separation: A Deeper Dive

Whether you're in the middle of a painful separation or feeling the silent drift in your relationship, you're not alone. And we're here to help.


In our commitment to providing a deeply personal and impactful experience, we've made an important update: the availability for our next "Love In Limbo: Separation Support Session" has been refined to only 10 exclusive spots.

This adjustment ensures that each participant receives the attention, care, and tailored guidance they deserve during this transformative journey.

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If you're struggling to understand your partner's need for space...

Our recent episode, "The Space Between Us: Navigating Your Partner's Need for Separation," touched hundreds of thousands, making it clear that there's a shared struggle in understanding and dealing with the need for space in relationships.

Don't let the silence drown your love. Discover how to navigate the unexpected need for space with us. Dive deeper, understand better, and sail towards reconnection.

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Join Us For Love In Limbo

A separation support session that takes you from uncertainty to understanding.


Knowing that relationships today face a multitude of challenges—career choices, parenting differences, and even the division of household chores—we see an opportunity to provide support to couples navigating the complexities of separation.


That's where our deep-dive sessions come into play.

Are you tired of searching for answers?

We'll be addressing questions like this:

I'm sure you're finding yourself scrolling through a never-ending feed of relationship blogs at two in the morning, or tearing through self-help books like they're going out of style. Trust me, you're not alone. When we're trying to navigate a period of separation in a relationship, uncertainty strikes like a monsoon, and we're often left with more questions than answers.

"Why does my partner need space from me?"

"How do I deal with these feelings of panic and abandonment?"

"Is it normal to feel rejected, and how do I move past this feeling?"

"Can we still communicate? If so, how often?"

"How long do I need to give them space for?"

"How can I navigate this space effectively without making things worse?"

"How can I foster better communication with my partner during separation?"

"How do I support my partner's need for space without sacrificing my own mental health?"

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Love In Limbo: Separation Support Sessions Your Compass in Love's Labyrinth

By joining these sessions, you'll be part of a safe and welcoming community, find coping strategies that really make a difference, and discover how expressing your needs can actually bring you closer to your partner.


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Love In Limbo: Separation Support Sessions (Limited to 10 People)


  • Expert Guidance: Gain insights from experienced relationship experts.

  • Weekly Sessions: Our next session at 5:30-7:30 PM PT via Zoom.

  • Open Discussions: Freedom to express your struggles in a safe, supportive space.

  • Community Support: Be part of a community encountering similar challenges.

  • Confidential: Every person who joins will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure a safe space for all.

  • $35 Per Session: Invest in a space to understand and navigate your relationship challenges with the mental clarity you've been craving.

Stop the mental overwhelm and join us.

Join us for our next session from 5:30-7:30 PM PT for enriching discussions. For just $35, participate in this deep dive and gain the support you need to navigate this challenging phase in your relationship.


  • Understand the emotional dynamics of separation.
  • Learn effective communication strategies.
  • Discover ways to rebuild trust and intimacy.


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