You've tried everything to fix your relationship, but nothing has worked. Until now.


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Helping couples rescue their relationships since 2013

Couples Supported

Do you find yourself Nodding Along To These Statements?

  • You are not being heard or your needs are not being met.
  • You feel like you're always the one giving more than you're receiving. You pour your heart and soul into your relationship only to feel unappreciated.
  • You feel unsupported, whether that means emotional support or simply not having help with childcare or housework.
  • You feel disconnected from your partner and long for more intimacy, both physically and emotionally.
  • You want to feel close to your partner again but don't know how to bridge the distance that's grown between you.

If any of these sound familiar, I can help.

Nice To Meet You

I'm Staci Bartley. I help couples rescue their relationships.


I've been divorced twice, and I know what it feels like to be on both sides of a failed marriage. That's why I'm so passionate about my work as an integrated couples specialist and divorce mediator.


I am married to the love of my life, and we've been together for 10 years. Together, we have 8 children and 13 grandchildren.


I understand what it's like to be in a bad relationship, and I also understand what it takes to make a relationship work. That's why I do what I do - because I want to help couples find happiness again.

What will your first session be like?
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  • Begin to better understand why you do what you do in your relationship.
  • Start to understand your partner so you can better comprehend their behavior.
  • Gain some clarity about what is really going on in your relationship.
  • Discover your attachment styles.
  • Understand how you and your partner's attachment styles play off of each other.
  • Identify the emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck.
  • Ask any questions you may have.
  • Address any concerns you have individually and as a couple.
  • Figure out your next steps forward as a team.

Risk-Free Guarantee:

You deserve to feel confident and supported in your decision to seek help with your relationship. That's why I offer a risk-free guarantee for all new clients. If for any reason, you don't feel like you received value from our time together, I will happily refund your money. This guarantee is my way of ensuring that you can come to your session with confidence, knowing that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the button below to schedule your first appointment today.

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