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Relationship Restart Sections (8)

Day One: Transform Your "Hot Mess" Into OMG Yes

Day One Training:

Today is all about getting clear on how transforming your hot mess is actually all about slowing down. 

This training will set us up to be successful for the rest of the challenge, so you don't want to miss it!

Day Two: Get Back To Dreaming With Your Partner

Day Two Training: 

Today I'm talking all about "Get Back To Dreaming With Your Partner" - and showing you how to get back to what’s possible.

It's time to get out of the problems, so you can see beyond them.

Day Three: Master the Art of Arguing Effectively

Day Three Training: 

Today we're talking all about Master the Art of Arguing Effectively. It's time to learn exactly what you do during arguments. Controlling & collapsing and the vicious cycle of both. Once you identify where you are, you can begin practicing what to do instead.

What if instead, you explored each person's perspective instead of attempting to enroll each other into your way of seeing it? What if we learned the skills to provide the safety and permission necessary to understand vs fight?

You don't want to miss this training.

Day Four: Get Back to Bliss & Stay There

Day Four Training: 

Today we're talking all about how to Get Back to Bliss & Stay There.  Are you ready to return to bliss? Today I'm going to teach you how to sprinkle Fairy Dust, and how our fights are about three things...and three things only!

Join me today to learn how to get back to how you felt in the beginning.

Day Five Training: 

For our final day, I'm going to show you the exact strategy my private clients use to save their relationships.

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