Healing Words: 10 Texts to Send When Your Partner Needs Space

Reconnecting can be delicate when your partner asks for space. But with the right words, you can express your care without overstepping boundaries. Our guide, "10 Texts to Send When Your Partner Needs Space," offers a thoughtful way to show you're there for them, even from a distance.


Learn How To Stop A Fight Before It Starts

We've all been there - in the middle of a heated argument with our significant other, wondering how things ever got this far.

 If you find yourself in this situation often, you're definitely not alone. In fact, research shows that conflict is a normal part of any healthy relationship. However, that doesn't mean that arguments can't be frustrating and overwhelming.


If you're looking for a way to diffuse the situation and get back on track, I've created this guide for you. In it, I provide some simple but effective techniques for diffusing tension and resolving conflict. In just a few minutes, you can learn how to de-escalate an argument and keep your cool, even when your partner is pushing all your buttons. Check it out today and see how much easier it is to manage difficult conversations when you're armed with the right tools.

Looking for a fun way to reconnect with your partner?

Give your partner or spouse the gift of connection! Conversation Cards For Connection are designed to help couples reconnect and make their relationship stronger. A set includes 50 different conversation prompts - all in a beautifully packaged box ready to give! This is one gift that won't get forgotten on a shelf. Get yours today!

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