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Staci Bartley, Integrative Couples Specialist & Divorce Mediator

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You deserve to feel confident and supported in your decision to seek help with your relationship. That's why I offer a risk-free guarantee for all new clients. If for any reason, you don't feel like you received value from our time together, I will happily refund your money. This guarantee is my way of ensuring that you can come to your session with confidence, knowing that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click the button below to schedule your first appointment today.


Staci Bartley

Integrative Couples Specialist & Divorce Mediator

You've tried everything to save your relationship, but nothing has worked.


Many of my clients come to me feeling lost and alone in their relationship struggles. They often feel like they are the only ones experiencing the challenges they are going through. They may feel like they are stuck in a negative cycle that they can't seem to break out of. They may feel like they have tried everything and nothing has worked. They may feel hopeless and helpless.


Maybe you feel like your partner doesn't listen to you and the arguing is getting worse. The fights are no longer about specific issues; they're just an ongoing battle of wills. If this sounds familiar, then it's time for a change.


I can help you get back on track with your relationship by teaching proven communication methods that really work! Book a session with me to learn how to stop fighting and start connecting again so that your arguments don't escalate into battles anymore.

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How is Working With Me Different Than Traditional Therapy?

Too often, traditional relationship therapy focuses on who is to blame for the problems in the relationship. This finger-pointing approach does little to resolve the underlying issues and can actually make things worse by creating feelings of resentment. I approach relationships differently because I believe that every relationship has its own unique dynamics and that it's important to understand these dynamics in order to create a lasting change. By working together to identify the patterns that are causing tension in the relationship, we can start to break them down and help you build a new, more positive way forward. This has been proven to be effective in helping couples resolve their conflicts and improve their relationships again and again.


To help guide you on your journey, I'll share detailed tools and frameworks that will enable you to improve the situation you're in right now and align your vision of the future as a couple. Using these tools, you'll be able to get laser-focused on what is holding you back from having the relationship or marriage you want and finally release all the emotional baggage that is keeping you stuck.


If you're ready to move beyond blame and start working towards a more positive future, we can help. Schedule your first appointment today so you can learn more about our unique approach to helping couples rescue their relationships.

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Get To Know Staci


Staci Bartley is a relationship expert, integrative couples specialist, and divorce mediator. She has an extensive background in helping people navigate through difficult periods of their lives involving relational challenges. Staci's background includes the loss of her father at age 7 to cancer, becoming a mom at 17 before graduating high school, going through 2 divorces, and raising 6 children as a single mom.


As she navigated these life events with remarkable strength and resilience, she learned how to help others do the same. Her wealth of experience provides invaluable insight into what it takes for relationships to thrive and survive - even when things are tough.


Staci is an experienced professional who specializes in helping individuals and couples with their marital problems. Staci can help you communicate more effectively by teaching you how to identify your triggers so you can work through conflict situations more easily. As an integrative specialist she will help you understand both sides of your story better by understanding where each person comes from emotionally—and then teach you skills to use moving forward!

What will your first session be like?
  • Begin to better understand why you do what you do in your relationship.
  • Start to understand your partner so you can better comprehend their behavior.
  • Gain some clarity about what is really going on in your relationship.
  • Discover your attachment styles.
  • Understand how you and your partner's attachment styles play off of each other.
  • Identify the emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck.
  • Ask any questions you may have.
  • Address any concerns you have individually and as a couple.
  • Figure out your next steps forward as a team.

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