Sometimes What Hurts the Most Can't Be Seen. And what helps the most... anyone can do.

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Mental health challenges don’t all look a certain way. They affect people in all demographics and in all parts of their lives. What do you do when someone you love finds themselves struggling with with their mental health? What are the best ways you can be there for them without becoming exhausted and resentful...or thinking, ”why can’t you just pull your sh*#t together!”

The reality is: there is a lot you don’t know behind a persons forced smile, a distracting joke, or the appearance of a “perfect” life.

Join us this week as Tom and I spend time with Mental Health Advocate and TedX speaker David Woods Bartley as he chronicles the story of his journey from the brink of suicide to his experience of mental health. You will come away with an  understanding of how mental illness feels, what it's causes are, and some simple actions you can take to bring about the most important feeling for us all: hope.  After all, David means it when he says, “the challenge of mental health is complex, but the solution is actually quite simple.”

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