Episode 52: How To Support A Loved One Through Their Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Welcome to October! For most of us, the first thing we think of is Halloween. But guess what? October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month too. 


This week we’re going to discuss how to love best during times of challenge. Have you ever wondered how breast cancer can affect a relationship? What can you do to love and support someone who may be in the throes of navigating this right now?


Like, what are the best ways to give love and support to someone in your life who is experiencing chemotherapy and radiation? What are some simple yet profound ways to show them love, both physically and emotionally? Also, let’s not forget about the person who is caregiving and holding family life together. They have emotional and physical needs too. 


Approximately 2,100 men in the U.S. receive a breast cancer diagnosis every year, because #AllBodiesHaveBreasts. While there are factors that increase a person's risk for developing breast cancer, anyone can get it.


This week in the Love Shack we have Liz Benditt, who is the owner of The Balm Box. Liz says, "I like to think of myself as a medical miracle. I survived four cancers over 8 years.” What?! Tom and I think of her and her relationship as a miracle too. Join us as she shares with us what she needed to heal, and how she kept her relationship and family intact too.

In this episode, we're covering several key topics about how to support a loved one through their breast cancer diagnosis, including:

  • Why food is good AND functional products are even better.
  • The number one thing Liz’s husband did that made all the difference.
  • How Liz and her husband kept some fun in the mix through it all.
  • A special surprise sure to please!

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