When It Comes To Love...take A Breath, Clear Your Breath, And Own Your Voice

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Voices aren't just for talking anymore. The use and expression of our voices help us to pursue our dreams, take a stand, and love wholeheartedly. How? Our voices are the key to helping us gain the courage to show up for life. We do this when we show up for ourselves, show up for others when it counts, and heck, show up for love! Your voice (yes yours) has the power to provide you with courage and self-confidence. This week's guest, Kyle Martin, is a musician who used his voice to beat out over 30,000 men for a lead role in “The Piano Man.” Not only was he chosen for the part, but he was chosen by Billy Joel himself! He has delighted audiences for years, and packed theaters and arenas all over the United States. And... he just so happens to be Staci's voice teacher. Kyle is talented no doubt, but it is his ability to express himself through his voice that makes him so successful at what he does. Don't miss hearing Kyle teach you how your voice is made for so much more than just speaking words...it's the doorway to your personal power.

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