Episode 65: Tips for Talking with Your Partner about Money From A Financial Coach

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Talking about money in your relationship can be hard.


We all know that discussing money can be tough, but it's important to have an open and honest dialogue with your spouse before things get out of hand.


In this Love Shack Live episode, we're discussing the best ways to break out of bad money habits and talk openly about finances in a healthy way. Join us while we help you work together towards your budgeting goals.


This week is all about the best ways to get your relationship on the same page financially and help you gain a fresh perspective on how to talk about and manage money in your relationship. Amy Scott, our resident financial expert, is sharing with us the importance of being able to talk about money concerns openly with your spouse before they become too tough or damaging. We're also discussing methods for easily working together towards your budgeting goals.


It's easier than you think it is, we promise. It's not just important that you have an open dialogue but also that you work together on creating a plan for the future so both you and your partner are happy and satisfied with your finances. Listen for tips on how to break through the fear of money talk!


Amy Scott is a certified financial coach who has taught couples how to get on the same page about money. She is passionate about helping couples to live a life with less conflict and more space for what really matters to them. Amy has been teaching couples her unique budgeting system that gives them the confidence and peace of mind in making financial decisions together. Amy has also been working with hundreds of couples, reducing their amount of financial stress and disagreements.

In this episode, we're covering several key topics about how to talk to your partner about finances without fighting, including:

  • Ways to easily work together toward budgeting goals with your partner
  • How budgeting can actually help you to live a more luxurious life
  • Exactly how to diffuse a fight when a money talk gets heated
  • Get easy tips for keeping finances simple.

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