#175: The Myth of 'Back to Normal': How to Truly Heal After Your Partner Asks for Space


Picture this: you're strolling hand in hand with your partner when they gently utter those words that make your heart race: "I feel like we could both use a little space." In that moment, fear, confusion, and uncertainty grip you. Welcome to Love Shack Live, where we delve into the depths of relationships, seeking to mend emotional divides and forge lasting connections.


In this episode, hosts Staci, Tom, and Brooke Bartley peel back the layers of separation, revealing it not as an end, but as a potential beginning. Join us as we challenge the misconceptions surrounding space and separation, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.


🔍 Key questions we'll answer:

  • How can we turn a moment of separation into a transformative experience?
  • What does it mean to rediscover oneself apart from a relationship?
  • How can we navigate the challenges of space and separation with compassion and understanding?

Separation Support Bundle

Want to stop feeling terrified about what your partner’s request for space means? Not sure where to begin?

🌟 Tune in as we explore the importance of continuous personal growth, the need for emotional well-being, and the essential role of communication in nurturing healthy relationships. Don't miss this enlightening conversation on finding strength, healing, and renewed purpose in the face of relationship challenges.


"The pain of this difficulty is an enormous motivator. It guides us to the next steps of learning and growth in our lives." - Staci Bartley



  • 02:05 Navigating Pain and Growth in Relationships
  • 03:22 Understanding the Need for Space and Its Impact
  • 09:39 The Work of Coming Home to Oneself
  • 14:22 The Importance of Emotional Well-being in Relationships
  • 19:22 Resetting and Recalculating for Relationship Growth
  • 24:44 Coming Home to Oneself: The Key to Relationship Renewal
  • 25:59 Rediscovering Personal Happiness and Emotional Load
  • 26:50 Learning Relationship Principles
  • 27:42 The Importance of Relationship Education
  • 30:50 Navigating Relationship Challenges and Self-Discovery
  • 32:31 The Journey of Self-Reflection and Value Beyond Partnership
  • 35:30 Embracing Personal Growth Post-Breakup
  • 42:21 The Continuous Path of Relationship Growth
  • 48:54 Closing Thoughts and Invitation to Join the Roadmap\


Join us on Love Shack Live and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation in your relationships. Let's heal together, starting now. 🌱💖

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  2. Download The Separation Support Bundle:  https://stacibartley.com/bundle
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