Three Men & A Woman: A Surprise Journey

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Tom and I join together with our immediate family this week. And when we say immediate family, we mean the people we live with. Our home life is much different from the typical modern day family so many of us are familiar with. How? Tom and I live with his two brothers. You might be saying to yourself like so many do...wait, Staci you live with three men?  Yep, I sure do! The four of us have chosen to come together today to share with our listeners the real deal on what it has been like to cohabitate for almost a decade. Never before have we revealed the good, the bad, and the challenging dynamics of living together as a family.

For this episode, we mustered up our courage to share in honor of all families on this Thanksgiving Day. Our hope is by sharing these stories, along with the principles we have discovered along the way, you find this episode to be life giving to families across the globe. We hope you’ll join us for this special holiday episode.

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