Episode 89: Why The Stories We Tell Ourselves Hurt Our Relationships


It can be really hard to understand why our relationships are struggling, and it's even harder to talk about it.


We often try to create a story out of our experience, in order to make sense of what's going on. This helps us understand the situation and explain why we're hurting.


The truth is, your story is probably not as spot-on as you think it is. This podcast episode will help you understand why you create these stories, and how they might be hurting you more than helping you.


This week in the Love Shack, we're exploring why we try to create a story out of our experiences when we're struggling in our relationships. These stories help us understand the situation and explain why we're hurting. Especially when we then tell this story to everyone close to us, and if we're brave enough, a counselor or therapist. What's interesting is that we fight to defend these stories about why our relationships aren't working and when someone doesn't understand them, we feel hurt, and feel rejected when someone doesn't want to hear them.


Your story also might be holding you back from letting the past go and creating the new beginning you're wanting.


Tune in to learn how you can let go of the past and create a new beginning in your relationship.

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