#118: 10 Tips to Overcome Defensiveness in Your Relationship (Part Two)


Welcome to episode 118 of Love Shack Live, this is part two of a series on defensiveness in relationships.


In this episode, we will dive into the remaining five strategies to help you better manage defensiveness and overcome its effects on your relationships.


We'll talk about how to identify when you're in a defensive mindset, understand why it happens and what leads up to it, and then provide practical tips for how to work on it.


We know that as human beings, we often fall back on defense mechanisms even when we don't want or mean to. It's not our fault—society hasn't provided us with enough education or outside support to help us manage our emotions better. That's why we are here—to give you the tools you need for success in resolving conflicts in healthy and productive ways.


Defensiveness can be a real challenge in relationships and can lead to communication breakdowns and emotional distance. We've identified 10 key steps you can take in order to recognize when defensiveness is playing out and start working on it.


Tune in today to get the best advice around defensiveness so that you can have healthier relationships going forward!

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