#124: How to Address Small Issues Before They Become Big Problems In Relationships


This week we're diving into a topic that's all too common in relationships: how seemingly benign small issues can eventually escalate into big problems.


Join us as we explore the question of why avoiding fights, forgetting important dates, talking your way out of chores, or not wanting to have sex can create such significant problems in relationships.


At first glance, these issues may seem small and justifiable. However, over time, they can grow and fester, leading to significant problems in a relationship. So why is this the case?


Together we'll take a closer look at how these small things can become significant problems and what we can do to address them before they escalate.


We're going to provide you with a framework to understand how relationships work and how humans have a variety of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and perspectives that may differ from their partners.


By making an effort to prioritize our relationship and showing our partner that they are important to us, we can prevent these small instances of neglect from turning into bigger problems. This can involve setting aside dedicated time to spend with our partner, making an effort to be present and engaged in our interactions with them, and showing them that we value their input and perspective.


So, tune in to this episode of the Love Shack to learn more about how little problems can turn into big ones, and how you can prevent this from happening in your own relationship.

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