#110: Apologies 101: Clean Up Emotional Messes in Relationships and Get Back to the Good Stuff


Wondering what the number one reason is that relationships fall apart? Manipulation.


Most of us know that manipulation isn't a healthy part of any relationship, but did you know that it's also at the heart of all relationship breakdowns? We'll be exploring this topic in depth today so you can understand why it is so destructive and what can be done about it.


We can tell you countless stories from our clients and everyday conversations to back this up. Ranging from partners who use subtle manipulation tactics, like small passive-aggressive comments or criticizing to the more extreme manipulation techniques—like gaslighting their partners or playing the victim card anytime they don't get what they want.


In all these situations, manipulation chips away at the emotional safety between the two people in the relationship. It causes an unhealthy power dynamic and makes it difficult for the trust to remain intact.


By the end of this episode, you should have a better understanding of why manipulation is so harmful in relationships and what steps you can take to recognize and address it when it arises. So sit back, relax and join us for Love Shack Live Episode #111!

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