#110: Apologies 101: Clean Up Emotional Messes in Relationships and Get Back to the Good Stuff


Are you in a messy emotional place? Have you made a mistake and don't know how to apologize?


This week in the Love Shack, we’re talking about how to clean up our emotional messes and really apologize.


So often we mess up and don't know how to make amends with our person - that's why we're here to help!


Our discussion will cover what an effective apology looks like, how to express remorse and regret, and the importance of taking responsibility for our actions. We'll talk about how it's normal for us as human beings to be "mess-making machines," as well as essential tips on how to handle difficult conversations and repair relationships after a mistake.


We'll also provide tips on how to best deliver heartfelt apologies and help you salvage relationships. We understand that mistakes are part of being human, so let's talk about what it takes to repair the damage and start anew.


Tune in now to learn more about apologizing effectively and cleaning up the emotional messes we often make!

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