#131: Beyond Betrayal: The Power of Agreements in Rebuilding Trust


Announcement: we will be taking next week off for a little summer break and our next podcast episode will be live on Thursday, June 22nd.


In today's episode, we're diving into a topic that many couples face at some point in their journey: rebuilding trust.


Trust is the bedrock of any strong relationship, but what happens when it's broken? Whether through a major betrayal or a series of small disappointments, it's a challenge that can leave us questioning our partner, ourselves, and the future of our relationship. We're exploring these issues head-on, offering fresh perspectives on why trust is so crucial, and how we can rebuild it piece by piece.


This episode will make you reconsider the very nature of your agreements within your relationship. What if there were no agreements? How would we co-create a life together? We explore this thought experiment and its implications for trust and understanding within a relationship.


Uncover the truth behind the often overlooked element of maintaining trust in a relationship - agreements. The things we promise to do and then don't follow through on may seem inconsequential, but they are the building blocks of trust. When we can't live up to our agreements, it erodes the trust between partners and impacts our self-esteem and confidence.


Join us as we delve into the dynamics of different types of thinkers within a relationship and how that affects our ability to keep track of our agreements. This isn't about gender roles, it's about the human beings in a relationship, their unique wiring, and how they interact.


We also discuss the real cost of broken agreements, not just to our relationships but to our sense of self. We explore the impacts on self-esteem and personal integrity, and how that can affect our willingness to risk in a relationship.


Listen to the insights we share about the critical role that communication plays in forming and maintaining agreements, and how it contributes to a deeper sense of connection, safety, and intimacy in relationships.


Understand the dynamics of trust and how it's linked to our willingness to take risks in a relationship. We'll guide you through how to reset and review your agreements to create a safe space for risk-taking and trust-building.


This episode is for you if you've ever felt the sting of betrayal or the slow erosion of trust in your relationship. It's for anyone who's ever felt overwhelmed, underappreciated, or simply disconnected from their partner. Whether you're the one who feels like you're carrying the weight of the relationship, or you're the one feeling blamed, this episode will offer you fresh perspectives, practical advice, and the hope of rebuilding trust.


So, if you're ready to revitalize trust in your relationship, create a deeper connection with your partner, and recommit to your shared journey, then pause whatever you're doing and tune in to this episode. We promise you won't regret it. Trust us on this one.

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