But How Do I Do It?

By now, you’ve seen me talk a lot about how it is important that you stop living in the illusion of perfection. At first, you probably wondered whether that was even possible. Now you’re starting to understand…

In my work with my clients, ALL of my students have realized that this step is the most important piece of beginning to transform their connection with their partners. A lot of other relationship experts and therapists bypass this step. They all might have the fancy tools, tips, and tricks, but if you don’t get this shift right, none of that stuff matters.

…but HOW are you supposed to stop trying to be “perfect” when you’re living in so much fear?

I’m committed to showing you that love that tingles your toes is meant for every single person, not just the chosen lucky few. And the first step is dropping all of the pretenses, old-school rules, and acts that we’ve been trying to survive with for years.

So, let’s just ask the question we’re all thinking of: will just being myself (after years of pretending to be somebody I’m not) make my relationship better, or worse?

If you spend all day thinking about this, you’ll probably waver back and forth. But, I don’t want you to do that anymore. I want you to be as sure as I am that this is the first step on your journey to create love for a lifetime. So I’m going to break down your two options for you.

If you continue to live in pretend and illusion:

  • You’ll have to keep guessing (and probably being wrong) about how your partner wants you to show up;
  • You’ll keep disguising how you really feel in an effort to keep up the “perfect” act;
  • You’ll be more committed to being able to say you “never fight” than being in a relationship with an authentic connection;
  • You’ll keep making messes and have no idea how to clean them up; and
  • You’ll have no idea how to really share you (which is how you create the connection you’re longing for).

Here’s what will happen when you stop:

  • You’ll be teaching your partner how to love you best, effortlessly.
  • You’ll learn how to develop trust in yourself.
  • You’ll finally feel fulfilled because you know how to get your needs and wants met in your relationship.
  • You’ll be able to stop being scared to ask for what you want even when you know your request is going to hurt your partner’s feelings… (this is a super power!)
  • And you’ll be able to STOP WONDERING HOW to not only create, but navigate the loving relationship you desire and deserve.

Now, how much better does that sound?

Stopping your pursuit of perfection is not only best for you AND your partner, I KNOW it will transform your life.

Are you ready to start this journey…while you transform yourself, your relationship and your family at the same time?

You’re in the right place 🙂

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