#120: Breaking the Cycle of Chasing and Running: Emotional Safety in Relationships


Are you struggling with a push-pull dynamic in your relationship? Do you find yourself running from or chasing your partner emotionally, mentally, and physically?


This week in the Love Shack, we're exploring the importance of emotional safety in your relationship and how to reestablish it. We'll discuss simple yet effective strategies for both the chaser and the runner, like how to show up in your relationship with clarity, and without malice.


We'll also explain how to approach the situation from an individual level, and why it's important to focus on yourself first before trying to change your partner. We will explore the common patterns of runners and chasers and uncover how to break these cycles.


Join us and uncover how important it is to take ownership of your part in the cycle and recognize that you have the power to change your relationship forever. We hope this episode helps you find a way out of an unhealthy cycle and reestablish safety, connection, and love in your relationship.

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