#162: Behind Closed Doors: A Divorce Mediator’s Secrets to Avoiding Relationship Breakdown


Ever wonder why some relationships stand the test of time, while others crumble? Welcome to this week’s insightful episode of Love Shack Live, where we delve into the delicate yet powerful dynamics of love and partnership. I'm Staci Bartley, alongside my cohost and partner, Tom, and our daughter, Brooke. Today, we’re not just talking about love; we’re exploring the art of preserving it.


At the heart of every relationship lies a series of small, often overlooked actions that can either build a bond stronger or lead to its undoing. As a seasoned divorce mediator, I’ve witnessed firsthand how minor neglect and unspoken needs can silently erode the strongest of connections. But what if we could reverse-engineer these patterns? What if the key to a thriving relationship is simpler and more attainable than we think?

Join us as we unravel the concept of ‘preventative maintenance’ in relationships. It’s like caring for a precious heirloom – requiring attention, care, and regular check-ins. Learn how to spot the small disconnects before they lead to major breakdowns, and how to cultivate a cycle of love and appreciation through everyday gestures.


In this episode, we unravel the secrets to avoiding the pitfalls that lead to divorce. Drawing from my unique experiences as a divorce mediator, I've learned that the secret to a lasting, happy relationship is often rooted in the smallest gestures and understandings. Why do these minor actions, or their absence, have such a profound impact on our relationships? And how can the concept of preventative maintenance, akin to caring for our cars or our health, be applied to nurture and strengthen our bonds?


So, are you ready to transform the way you view and nurture your relationship? Whether you're at the crossroads of a difficult decision or looking to deepen the bond you already have, this episode is for you. Let’s embark on this journey together, discovering how the little things aren’t just little – they're everything.

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