Fun Frolic: Halloween/Fall and Spooky Accompaniments

Somewhere along the journey to becoming responsible adults, we lose sight of the importance of fun and novelty in our lives.

Simply put — we stop engaging in and planning forms of play like we used to when we were younger. Remember some of the fun, crazy moments you had as a kid? Playing games, or riding your bike? What about your high school days filled with dances, dates, and who knows what else? How about the first time you fell in love? I bet there was a whole lot of play when you first started dating.

It’s kind of crazy that we cross most forms of play off our list when you really think about it, as play is the backbone of all kinds of great stuff.  Stuff like inspiration, connection, delight, joy, and yes—even love.

Bottom line is: intentionally creating moments for play and novelty is scientifically proven to breathe new life into you and your relationships with others. It will turn a dull experience into a lively memorable one. This is why 6 years ago, Tom and I created our very first Frolic.

A Frolic is our way of inspiring you to bring the fun and play back into your life so you can remember what it feels like to experience the good stuff and create moments that are memorable and matter.

Fun Frolic_ Halloween & Spooky ACCOMPANIMENTS

Frolics are a super important part of the work Tom & I do with our clients. We share one with you now in the hopes you will be reunited with the joy of having some good ole fashioned fun...much like connecting with a long lost BFF! (We could really use some play in our lives this year, right?)

And what better time to do it than Halloween! After all, the thought of dressing up brings the kid out in all of us right?!

Next to dressing up, how about we create a tent? And what if we watched a movie in that tent? Yeah, a spooky one with a flashlight in hand or a shared story or two while having some themed treats like Graveyard Gravel and Bloody Cosmos?

Sounds like a blast, right? It is! And we are here to make it super simple and easy to pull off.

You now have no more excuses for putting off creating a bit of fun any longer!

Everything you need to experience this frolic including how to make the tent is all here for you. We want you to make this your own.

Who’s joining you? Your partner, your kids, your BFF? This thing can be perfect for anyone you want to have inside that tent with you! And hey, if you’re having trouble with tailoring the Frolic to whoever will be joining you, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to give you some personalized ideas!

Remember: this is about fun!

The Food & Drink

We love pairing things up to make an amazing experience even better, and we know food and drink really help us connect with one another. We’ve put together a few fun, spooky recipes to add a little extra pop to this frolic. See a preview of each below, and find the full recipes here. 


Creating The Tent

Tent Items: 

  • 5 5-foot tall boards or sticks

  • 4 clamps

  • 4-5 sheets (size queen or larger)


  1. Place 1 board/stick in each corner of the bed frame. (The space between the mattress and the bed frame.)

  2. Place a sheet over the top of all 4 boards.

  3. Using the clamps, attach the sheet to each board.

  4. Place the 5th board in the center of mattress under the sheet to hold up the center.

  5. Then use 1 sheet to create each side of the tent using the slips to secure the sheet to the boards. Tip: It is easiest if you clip as you go. Make sure to watch the video above to see what we mean.

  6. Optional: add a lighting source.

  7. A battery lantern or flashlight can be hung from the center board inside the tent for lighting by using a piece of ribbon. Decide on the desired height of your light source. Tie the ribbon to the flashlight or lantern, and then anchor it using the center pole in the tent. The tension of the sheet will hold the light in place.

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Setting The Mood

Lighting: A flashlight or battery operated lantern will work great. We love candles, but we’ve gotta recommend that you keep them outside your tent! 

Music: You can find the Halloween Spooky Sound Box on iTunes and search for "Halloween Playlist" on Spotify. Our favorite is “Theme from Disney’s Haunted Mansion”

Stories: True Ghost Stories from Around the World (iTunes) or (don’t be fooled, these stories are not for kids at all!)

Movies: We love Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Ghostbusters, and Practical Magic.

Alright. Let’s have some fun! Get Frolicking! 

Tom & Staci

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