#122: How to Ask Your Partner for What You Truly Want in Your Relationship


Are you struggling to ask your partner for what you truly want and need in your relationship? You're not alone.


In this episode of the Love Shack, we dive deep into the question: What do you wish you could ask your partner for? Staci has seen this issue arise frequently in her private practice and discusses the importance of knowing how to ask for what you want and why it's often such a struggle for us as human beings.


Discover why letting go of a relationship isn't always the answer and how to communicate your needs effectively to get more of what you desire in your current relationship. You'll gain insights into the importance of knowing what you truly want as an individual and how it can help you build stronger, more fulfilling relationships.


So if you want to improve your communication skills, learn how to ask for what you want, and deepen your relationships, tune in to this episode of the Love Shack. You'll get fresh perspectives, juicy conversations, and a little bit of fun along the way. Click listen now!

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