#108: Managing Conflict and Disagreements During the Holidays


The holiday season can be a wonderful time filled with family and loved ones, but it can also be a source of tension. This week in the Love Shack podcast, Staci and Tom take on the challenge of discussing the difficult topics that often arise during the holidays - managing conflict, dealing with disagreements, and navigating difficult relationships with family members.


We start off by examining why so many breakups occur during this time of year. From financial stress to unrealistic expectations, we explore how these factors can put a strain on relationships and increase the rate of breakups. We then discuss strategies for navigating family gatherings when opinions are divided or when feelings are hurt. We discuss how to lovingly manage disagreements through communication, and how to show love to one another even when feelings are strained.


Finally, we look at how couples who may already be struggling in their relationship can navigate the holidays without further damaging their bond. We explore ways to understand each other’s needs better and communicate honestly about expectations for the season. With helpful tips for maintaining peace and creating harmony among family members as well as partners, this episode provides essential advice for making it through the holidays to feel connected with yourself and your loved ones.

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