#113: Why Your Partner Doesn't Want to Work on Your Relationship


You and your partner are in a difficult place, and it seems like no matter how hard you try to make things better, they don't want to work on the relationship.


It's incredibly frustrating when one partner is willing to put in the effort while the other continues to drag their feet with excuses about why nothing needs to change. This can go on for days, weeks, months—even years!


Don’t give up hope! There are ways that you can get your partner involved in working on the relationship. By learning new skills and getting help from professionals who understand what couples need during challenging times, you can start making real progress toward a healthier relationship.


Love Shack Live episode #113 dives into a common relationship issue - what do you do when your partner doesn't want to work on the relationship? This can be an incredibly frustrating issue and it's one that couples tend to spend a lot of time in their relationship trying to resolve. We explore why this might be from our partners' perspectives and explain why personalizing it and attempting to diagnose them likely won't help the situation. Tune in for helpful tips and advice on how to address this issue.

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