Stop doing this…

I know you’ve been frantically searching for information, solutions, and “quick fix” relationship tips. 

And, all that searching got you here,which I’m so grateful for. 

But, now I must take a moment to grab you (lovingly) by the shoulders and tell you the truth:

You don’t need more information. You need TRANSFORMATION.

You don’t need to read any more books, you don’t need to Google another relationship question, and you can stop searching for the best way to bring the spark back. 


Because, you’re chock full of information now. You know that it’s time to ACT (that’s why you are here). So, now it’s time to stop gathering the information and START working towards the outcome you’re desiring. Which is: saving your relationship. And, trust me, I know from many years of experience and coaching hundreds of couples that more information is not the answer. 

It’s time to plant your feet and become masterful at the three things that I know are imperative for relationship health: 

  1. Truly being yourself (perhaps for the first time in your life)
  2. Emotional Weightlifting 
  3. The Lease Option Contract For Love®

I know for a fact that all of the information you’ve read or listened to you so far hasn’t taught you these things. And if you don’t have all these 3 things, you’re going to have a very hard time trying to do what you’ve set out to do. 

So, let’s think about these 3 areas, and decide EXACTLY what you want to create:

1: “How has pretending to be someone I’m not been affecting my relationship?”

2: “How would being able to effectively communicate my emotions without exploding or becoming defensive transform my dynamic with my partner?”

3: “What would it be like to co-create a relationship that made my toes tingle with the person I love the most?”

Once you’re clear on these 3 things, the next question is obvious:

How in the hell do I create the relationship that I’ve dreamed of?

Let me give you the best tip I know and the one that I have used (and continue to use) many times in my life. Ready?

Find a mentor who is ACTUALLY helping people facilitate the transformation you’re wanting to experience. 


Because big transformations require overcoming big obstacles, and if I have learned anything in all my years of experience…overcoming the obstacles that are keeping you from having the relationship you’re longing for is virtually impossible to do on your own. 

Each challenge you encounter has the ability to stop your growth in a second if you don’t have the support and the wisdom of a mentor that can help pull you out of the rabbit hole and guide you to keep going. 


How different could your transformational journey look if you worked with a coach that had personally experienced and/or guided clients through every single challenge you encountered?

It would be like driving to a new destination with a perfect GPS system instead of trying to find your way without a map (which is what you’ve been doing all this time…it’s time to upgrade to the GPS.)

My Love For A Lifetime program has helped hundreds of clients through every single challenge that you can imagine. Me and my team walk you through each step. We support you 24/7 with love and understanding through your entire journey. 

Without that kind of support, you’re bound to fail. That’s the truth. But WITH our help, the challenges that would normally be roadblocks can instead be speed bumps. 

Doesn’t that sound like a better way?

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