You won't have to worry…

Just got off a call with a potential client.

She had invested A LOT of money in counseling sessions to fix her relationship issues, and kept having the same problems. 

She’d find herself in the middle of unpacking some serious emotions and then her session would end… or she’d get into an argument with her husband and have no way to get support from her therapist about what to do next until her appointment the next week.

When she told me this, I got so angry for her. This kind of stuff upsets me. I understand the weekly appointment business model, but I don’t think it sets people up for success. The reason you’re looking for help is because you don’t know how to do it on your own, and outside of one hour a week you’re left to your own devices! With no access to any help or support! So you inevitably mess up, and try to clean it up by yourself and then you spend your next hour session talking about all the messes, without making any progress in creating love for a lifetime. 

If other therapists and coaches are going to charge a premium price for their sessions and programs, I believe they should provide premium SUPPORT!

Sadly, way too many of them aren’t willing to do that.

My program, Love For A Lifetime is the opposite. Me and my team are there to support you every step of the way. 

  • Tom is my husband and co-founder. He talks to a ton of potential clients on Breakthrough Session calls, coaches with me on our weekly group coaching call, and provides advice and support to all of our clients. 
  • Brooke is our daughter. She is our graphic designer and website manager, she provides tech and customer support to all of our clients, she helps coach on our weekly group call, and helps direct all of our customer support queries to me and Tom. 
  • Becky is our incredible team member who provides amazing support to us by keeping us organized and on schedule, helping manage our future projects, supporting our community, posting in our Facebook group, and sending awesome e-mails to our clients and customers. 

And of course, I’m there too…to be your biggest cheerleader, your mentor, and to help guide you with the tools and skills you need to learn how to create love for a lifetime.

Because I have this wonderful team behind me, I can make each of these promises when you choose to work with me: 

  1. You will never have that terrible feeling where your session has ended but you still feel like you need to talk things out. Our private sessions are long enough that you will feel complete at the end of them.
  2. You will never ask us a question that we won’t answer. In addition to your weekly individual coaching session we have a weekly group coaching call where you can ask any question that you have or get help with an issue you’re facing. 
  3. You will have 24/7 support from me and my team. If you need help outside of our individual session and group session, we have a support button in our portal where you can get help or ask a question at ANY time. We respond very quickly.

That’s what it takes to transform your relationship. This is why our clients get such incredible results.

Have you enrolled in a program or worked with a provider where the support just plain sucks? If you have, it’s not your fault…but now that you know the difference, you have a responsibility to work with the BEST.

Your relationship and your family deserve it. Let’s talk.

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