#114: How To Rebuild Trust After Betrayal In Your Relationship


Betrayal in a relationship can be incredibly damaging and hard to recover from. It can lead to feelings of violation, mistrust, and confusion.


We often think of affairs when betrayal is mentioned but there are other ways that relationships can be undermined by smaller acts of betrayal. In this episode, we discuss how to rebuild trust after a breach and how the process looks different for each unique situation.


We start by discussing what betrayal looks like in a relationship and why it’s so damaging. We talk about the power dynamics of relationships, why forgiveness isn't always possible, and the feeling of being violated when one partner betrays another. We focus on communication as a tool for recovery and why it's important for both parties to understand their roles in the process of rebuilding trust.


We also talk about how understanding your own trauma can help you work through the difficulties associated with forgiveness and recovery from betrayal. We share tangible steps that couples can take towards rebuilding trust - these include setting boundaries, creating space for vulnerability, and understanding your motives as you move forward together.


Finally, we look at ways to identify patterns in your relationship that may lead to future betrayals- this includes exploring personal biases and addressing them openly with your partner. With all of these elements taken into consideration, rebuilding trust after a breach takes time but is ultimately achievable if both parties are willing to put in the effort required!

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