Business Success vs. Love For A Lifetime: Do you have to choose?

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Does negotiating your business success cause you to feel like you need to re-negotiate your love life?
The truth is most relationships take a back seat with an entrepreneur in the house. Because, it’s so enticing for the entrepreneur to the funnel all their available time and money into the survival of a business; while significant relationships get put on hold.
Do you relate? Don’t feel bad. Confession time…Tom and I are both lifetime entrepreneurs and we’ve both had relationships with loved ones suffer because of it. It is too easy to buy into the idea that the sacrifice of love and self are necessary for business success and financial freedom. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that way.
This week we have Trevor Blake as our guest. Trevor is a serial entrepreneur who sold his first company for $100 million, and is working on several more that have taken him to billionaire status. That’s good news for sure, but it gets even better…he didn’t sacrifice his relationship with his beloved wife or his personal health and wellbeing to achieve his success in business. How was he able to maintain such a life balance while creating financial freedom you ask? Well my friends, you're about to find out from the master himself. Tune in Thursday, October 22nd to hear Trevor’s story.

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