Episode 51: Courage & Relationships: Why It's The Secret Ingredient For Lasting Love

What does courage have to do with your relationship? The answer is: well everything! The more you care about someone, the more you need it.


When it comes to our relationships, we tend to think that communication is our number one challenge. It's not. Our biggest hurdle in relationships is our ability to show up for the conversation. Without the courage to show up, we’ll decide to keep sitting on what’s bothering us until...


We either give up on having the conversation at all after several failed attempts or rip our partner’s face off because we’ve finally had enough. This is exactly what happens when we don’t have the courage to show up for a conversation.


This week in the love shack we are excited and delighted to have Eric Winters with us. Eric is the author of Swipe Right on Your Best Self: simple steps to a bolder life with fewer regrets, which is all about the ability to delve into your courage, so you can rely on it being there for you when you need it most. His know-how is a result of over 20 years of international corporate life, two master’s degrees in human behavior change and over 12 years helping leaders and their teams become their best selves to meet workplace challenges effectively. 


Because Tom and I know courage is also needed for healthy relationships; this conversation is sure to be one that will change the way you face the challenges of love too.

In this episode, we're covering several key topics about why courage is the secret ingredient for lasting love, including:

  • What keeps us from really pursuing the relationships and careers we deserve?
  • Why do we hold ourselves back from being fully seen and heard as our real selves?
  • The three human predicaments that cause most people to live smaller, timid lives.
  • How can we avoid the #1 regret most people have in life.
  • The three mindsets that are critical for a life of courageous action.

The quality of our lives depends to a large extent on how well we show up and face our challenges – the ones we choose and the ones that choose us. Join us!


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