Are you ready to release the emotional baggage that’s keeping you stuck?

You know how when you have a broken arm or a terrible cold you have no problem going to the doctor and getting fixed up ASAP? Why don't you treat your relationship health the same way? (It's not just you...nobody does.)

Most people will do anything possible to avoid getting help when their relationship sucks. Because it can feel embarrassing. Because it feels hard. Because it feels much more complicated than going to the doctor for a cold. But it doesn't have to feel that way. Instead of starting the process to get help, we cross our fingers and hope everything will work out.

When have you ever had a huge physical wound where you ignored it and it magically just got better? See how silly that sounds... So why are you treating your emotional wounds that way? The truth is, the more we run from them, the more pain we create. So instead of being in pain for a little while, we're in pain for a lifetime.

During your Relationship Check-Up, we will bring both your physical and emotional self into view using my proprietary process to help you see how your emotional baggage is holding you back. And together, we will create your personalized roadmap with the exact plan you need to get your relationship unstuck.

*You can see Staci online or in person.

Staci and her husband, Tom.

There Are People Who Are Born To Help Others

After more than 25 years of struggle, shame, and guilt...Staci is now proud of her messy past. She has the wisdom, knowledge, and the gifts to contribute to others; because she has lived many of the struggles that she now coaches her clients through. Including losing her father at the age of 7, becoming a mom at 17, going through 2 divorces, and raising 6 children as a single mom. 

She empowers couples and individuals from around the world to embrace their humanness, and love full out with NO regrets. We are not broken, we have just never been taught how to "do" relationships with ourselves, let alone others. This NOT knowing allows ourselves and our partners to leverage and manipulate in the name of LOVE. It's time to stop the spreading of lies and romantic stories that are just that: falsehoods and storybook fantasies that make us feel like we aren't good enough.

If you're looking to really understand how relationships work, and learn real skills you can use for the rest of your life from a person who has LIVED what you're going through, then you can stop searching, because you've finally found the help you've been looking for. 
"I was reluctant to work with Staci, as I felt my husband and I had tried everything. After a marriage counselor told me my husband was a narcissist and there was no hope, I found a lawyer and began divorce proceedings even though I love my husband deeply, and still wanted our marriage to work out. I am beyond grateful to say that my marriage has been saved, and my relationship with my husband has been transformed because of Staci's program. I celebrate the fact that I have cancelled and ripped up my divorce papers and received a refund from my lawyer, and I am tempted to send my marriage counselor information on your program. Turns out my husband is NOT the narcissist she thought, and our relationship is thriving and growing again. So much for NO hope!  Thank you Staci."

The secret to getting the loving relationship you deserve, is finding a mentor who can show you the way without more lies or "fairy tale" stories.


What People Are Saying About Staci

  • If it wasn't for Staci, I would not have the marriage I have today. My husband and I are more in love with one another today than ever before, including our wedding day. Thank you for your help, Staci! We love you!


  • My experience with Staci was about so much more than I initially thought. She taught me how to look at myself and to learn, grown and change for myself, in the best ways possible. If you're wondering if she has anything to teach you, the answer is YES!


  • Staci is amazing! The framework she uses to teach about relationships is relatable, accurate and easy to understand. Staci herself is a very warm and kind person. Her program is helping me find clarity and advocate for myself. I highly recommend her program!


  • “I can’t speak highly enough about Staci...her integrity, her skill level and her heart. She really cares! When all I could see were obstacles, Staci saw my possibilities.”


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