#176: Facing the Fear: Conquering the Anxiety of Needing Space in Relationships


What does it truly mean to be brave when faced with separation or divorce? These words are not just terms; they are thresholds that challenge our emotional resilience and force us into the depths of our fears. Welcome to Love Shack Live, a beacon for those navigating through the often tumultuous waters of relationship conflicts and emotional chasms. This is where we confront the most intimidating challenges, transforming fear into a catalyst for personal growth and deeper connections.


In this compelling episode, we plunge into the heart of fear itself—exploring its origins, its pervasive impact on our decisions, and its dual potential to either dismantle or deepen our relationships. Why does the mere suggestion of space or the end of a partnership provoke such profound anxiety? What lessons lurk within these fears, and how can we harness them to take courageous steps toward renewal and reinvention?


Join your hosts, Staci Bartley and Tom, along with their daughter Brooke, as they guide you through the intricate dance of understanding and overcoming the fears associated with the end of relationships. Learn how confronting the stark realities of our situations—no matter how daunting—can unveil pathways to new beginnings and lead to unexpected opportunities for empowerment and healing.

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Throughout this journey, you'll discover tools and strategies for mediation and thoughtful dialogue, designed to transform relationship challenges into opportunities for growth. We'll share personal stories and expert insights that illuminate the path from fear-driven reactions to courage-based actions.


Tune in and find out how embracing the most daunting aspects of relationships can lead us to profound courage and radically new ways of loving and living. Don't miss this deep dive into the emotional dynamics that shape our lives, where fear becomes a doorway to freedom and authenticity in our relationships.



  • Fear is a force that we must learn to work with and push against in order to develop emotional strength and resilience.
  • Fear can consume us if we don't confront it and challenge it.
  • In relationships, fear often arises when there is a potential need for space or separation.
  • Managing fear involves slowing down, being intentional, and actively pursuing the building of courage.
  • Recognizing past acts of courage, confronting fears, and taking small steps to challenge them can help manage fear. Facing fears can lead to personal growth and transformation.
  • Mediation is a valuable option in the divorce process.
  • Relational skills and principles are essential for healthy relationships.
  • Everyone has the ability to rise above their fears and transform their lives.


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