#123: Feeling Ignored and Unheard In Your Relationship? Here's What To Do


Do you ever feel like you're in the shadows of your relationship? Do you find yourself frustrated and lonely because your partner isn't listening to you? You're not alone, and we're here to help.


This week in the Love Shack, we're diving deep into the frustrating experience of feeling ignored and lonely in a relationship. Do you consider yourself a good listener? Are you aware of the things that make someone a bad listener?


Join us as we break down the reality of listening and sharing in relationships and the effort, focus, energy, and patience it takes to be heard and understood.


Listening is desired by all of us, yet it's one of the most difficult things we do as human beings. It takes tremendous effort, focus, energy, and patience to truly listen to another person. We'll help you understand the importance of listening and being heard in relationships and teach you how to develop a better ability to do it for others.


At the end of the day, listening and being heard is what we all fight for as a couple. It's an unspoken conversation that often turns into a battle of who will listen first. We'll give you the tools you need to break this cycle and start truly communicating with your partner.


Don't miss this eye-opening episode that will change the way you think about communication and connection.

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